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The Definition of the Product:
It is more economic with a higher level of quality compared to the traditional wall systems. Thanks to its aluminium structure, it causes the buildings to bear less strength. It causes the provision of excellent heat and sound insulation. It is hygienic; the panel and glass structures may be easily cleaned.
Its location can be easily changed; its installation is quick and easy. I t does not cause additional costs. It also enables the electrical and communication cables to be laid easily.
It increases the functional integrity of your buildings and increases their aesthetics.
The banks, government offices and head offices of companies prefer them due to the importance of communication within the Office areas and advanced aesthetics.
Technical Features:
• The thickness of the system is 76mm and the visible surface is 43mm.
* It has an extensive product range such as single layered glass, double layered glass with sand shade applications, half partition, wooden and glass coating..
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