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The Definition of the Product
This is a wooden system provided by connecting the interior and exterior aluminium profiles to each other with an insulating profile to provide their efficient heat insulation. This insulating profile can be used as items manufactured from domestic or foreign (polyamide) materials.
Due to its structure, aluminium has higher coefficient of heat transfer.
On the other hand, polyamide has a very low coefficient of heat transfer which can be produced very sensitively in smaller tolerances with very high strength and hardness. Due to these properties it has, this is a material suitable to be used in the insulation of the aluminium systems.
Technical Features
• The Softline system with 202mm wall thickness; the thickness of the frame=61mm, the thickness of the wing=71mm dir. The heat barrier; 14,8mm.
* Within Softline14 system having wall thickness of 1,4mm; the thickness of the frame=54mm, the thickness of the wing=61mm. The heat barrier is 14,8mm.
* It maintains heat insulation figures under 2,0 W/m 2K.
* It can be painted in RAL colours with QUALICOAT and QUALANOD certifications or it can be anodized in different colours or being coated with wooden pattern.
* All flutes used within the system are EPDM
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